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We are squash experts, enthusiasts, and fanatics. We started playing squash years ago and want to share more about the beautiful sport of squash!



Squash is a sport that’s easy to play, but difficult to master. Whether you’re brand new to the sport, or you’ve been playing for years there’s always ways to level up your game and improve.

Below we’ve outlined some of the top questions about the sport of squash and areas to focus on.

Squash Court Directory Coming Soon!

We’re working on a directory where we compile EVERY squash court in North America. We’re planning to cover.

Northeast Region – Boston, Connecticut, NYC, NJ, Washington DC, Philadelphia
Southeast Region – Virginia, Carolinas, Atlanta, Florida
Midwest and South – Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, down through Texas
West Coast – California, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Arizona, Idaho

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Squash is a challenging sport to master, and the challenge, in the beginning, can be even more significant if you don’t have the right equipment. Once …
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