What Squash Rackets Do The Pros Use?

If you’re relatively new to the game of squash, then you know how easy it is to get completely and utterly addicted to the sport.

From the moment you first swing the racket and the dense black ball collides against the wall with a dull thud – you’re hooked.

But it isn’t easy. Squash is a game that’s easy to pick up but tricky to master.

squash is an addicting sport

Unlike many other racket sports, squash is often played at a very high pace; therefore, victory relies on your quick reactions and decision-making to overcome your opponent.

While the learning curve to proficiency may be steep, there is a simple way to fast track your progress.

You can get a slight edge over your opponent before a racket is even swung. All you have to do is step out onto the court with a racket that suits your game well.

After all, while it’s true that equipment can’t make you play better, what it can do is allow you to hit the ball with more finesse, power, and control. In this article, we’ll answer the question what squash rackets do the pros use? But first, let’s talk about the types of rackets you use in squash, and what the pros prefer.

Types of Rackets

Arguably the biggest decision you’ll have to make when it comes to choosing a squash racket is whether it has an open throat or closed throat design.

Both can be great extensions of the arm, yet only one type of racket is used most by the pros.

To give you an idea of what we mean by open and closed throat rackets, we’re referring to the part of the racket that connects the frame and shaft with the head. If there is an open space there, then it is an open throat racket. If there isn’t, it’s a closed throat one.

Squash Racquet

Generally speaking, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pro using an open throat racket, and here’s why.

The open throat racket tends to be much heavier, with a thicker frame and large string bed. This is great if you’re starting out and want to build forearm muscle and wrist strength, but it can become cumbersome as you improve.

So if you’re looking to up your game as quickly as possible, you’ll probably want to go with a closed throat racket.

More specifically, you should look for a lighter one that has the tear drop shaped frame, as this will be exceptionally easy to maneuver, which is exactly what you need to pull off deft volleys and drop shots.

Yet, there’s also something to be said for picking a racket that suits your playing style.

If you prefer power and control, then a medium weight racket around 130g-140g will be your best chance of victory.

What Squash Rackets Do The Pros Use?

If there were one universally agreed-upon best racket, then it follows that all top players would use it, right? Not so fast, my friend.

Squash Ball and Racquet

Given that there are various rackets used by the top 10 men’s squash players, this opens up the possibility that there are many viable options.

After all, each player at the top of their game wants to win, so why would they knowingly use an inferior racket?

With that in mind, try not to put too much stock into the player’s position when looking at rackets, but focus your attention instead on their playing style. If you identify how you want to play in a ranked player, then it’s worth considering the racket they use, as they obviously picked it to complement their play.

Squash Pros and The Rackets They Use

Mohamed ElShorbagy

Racket: Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Airshaft

At the time of writing, Egyptian ElShorbagy is the number 2 PSA ranked men’s squash player.

He is one of two players in the top 10 to use a Tecnifibre Carboflex racket, making it one of the best rackets out there. His specific model is the 125 Airshaft, and it provides the player with a combination of power, precision, and spin.

As a lightweight racket, it weighs just 125g, which makes it perfect for a deft flick of the wrist or a quick shot direction change.

Tarek Momen

Racket: Harrow Reflex 125

Tarek Momen completes an all-Egyptian top 3, currently sitting in the third spot of the PSA rankings.

His racket of choice is the Harrow Reflex 125, which is slightly head heavy and was custom-made for the explosive squash player.

Interestingly, the top 3 players all have rackets made by different brands, which goes to show that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to the very best rackets.

Paul Coll

Racket: Head Graphene 360 Speed 120

The trend of different brands continues into the fourth spot, as Kiwi Paul Coll uses a Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 racket.

While Coll used to be a big advocate for Eye Rackets, using them for many years, he recently made the switch to Head, so it must be for a good reason.

Consistently thought of as one of the most improved players, Coll now uses a racket that’s lightweight with a slightly heavy head. It’s easy to generate power with the racket, and the all New Zealand-inspired design makes it a great-looking racket.

Karim Abdel Gawad

Racket: Harrow Vibe

Rounding out the top 5 is yet another Egyptian player, Karim Abdel Gawad, who, like his countryman, Tarek Momen also uses a Harrow racket.

Except this one is the Harrow Vibe, and it has an even-balanced frame which makes it especially flexible. The maneuverability of the racket is something that those who rely on precision and spin will greatly appreciate.

Diego Elias

Racket: Dunlop Precision Ultimate

At number 7 in the rankings, Diego Elias, who hails from Lima in Peru, was the first from his country to break into the PSA World Tour’s top 10.

His racket of choice is the Dunlop Precision Ultimate, which, as you may have already guessed, is all about precision.

If you’re looking to prioritize the control and placement of your shots over anything else, then this is the perfect racket to do so with.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Racket: Tecnifibre Carboflex

Sitting in the number 10 spot, Miguel Angel Rodriguez is from Bogota in Colombia and uses a Tecnifibre Carboflex, just like top player Mohamed ElShorbagy.

He uses this well-designed racket because of its superior maneuverability and aptitude for fast-flowing action, befitting the Colombian’s playstyle.

Saurav Ghosal

Racket: Head Graphene 360 Speed 120

Currently, in 13th in the PSA rankings, Saurav Ghosal is from Kolkata in India and uses a Head racket.

Ghosal uses the same Head Graphene 360 Speed 120 as the Kiwi Paul Coll, although his one has a slightly chunkier frame.

This enables him to employ a lot of power in his game and get the job done with slower, more considered shots.


When it comes to choosing the best squash racket for you, there isn’t one answer.

To get the best racket possible, you should consider which one will best compliment your playing style. When you have that information, consider your favorite pro’s playing styles, and then compare the rackets they use.