4 of the Best Squash Rackets on the Market Today

Best Squash Racket

Even if you’ve never played a game in your life, you’ll probably know that the racket a squash player uses is one of the most important factors in their performance.

Unless you’re playing at a professional level with several decades of different brands and models, finding the best squash racket for your skills and playing style can be pretty tough. With so many options out there, we thought we’d try to clear up some of the confusion!

Here’s 4 of the best squash rackets on the market today.

Best Squash Racket for Beginners: Black Knight Stratos

Inexpensive and easy to handle, the Black Knight Stratos is the best beginners squash racket you could ask for. Though you’ll find it feels quite lightweight when you first pick it up, its open string pattern and a head-heavy balance means it’s still capable of being a heavy hitter when the situation calls for it.

The only potential drawback is its 73 square inch head. Although this makes the racket more maneuverable overall, it does reduce the size of the ‘sweet spot’, meaning that you may find it hard to get your shots accurate if you’re used to something more wide-faced. Like any racket though, you’ll quickly get used to the feel of this great little all-rounder.

Best Squash Racket on a Budget: HEAD Nano Ti 110

Another great racket for beginners, the HEAD Nano Ti 110 offers stellar performance for an exceptionally reasonable price. 

Its 100% nano titanium carbon frame is great for light swings and precision, but also has exceptional durability, and allowing it to stand up to both the shaky technique of a beginner, and rigorous use in tournaments or regular games.

Though the shape and feel of this racket is certainly accessible, it’s not a strictly-for-beginners model. Its ‘Synthetic Gut’ (a signature feature of HEAD models) with a dense string pattern means that it can deliver a huge amount of power, and a decent performance against players who are using more advanced, upmarket models.

If you’re an intermediate player who’s just getting back into the sport, or you’ve just met another casual squash partner and don’t want to splash out on a pro racket, then the HEAD Nano Ti 110 could be the perfect racket for you.

Best Head Light Squash Racket: Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft 125

Tecnifibre is appearing more and more in the hands of professional squash players, and it’s not without good reason! The Carboflex, though pricey, is widely regarded as the best head light squash racket on the market today!

With a large head and a dense string pattern that’s great for adding power to your shots, it’s still adequately lightweight and easy to handle, giving the player great control and power. If you’re used to a thinner grip, you might want to opt for the 125NS instead, and if you find either of these models a little too on the light side, the 130 and 135 are a touch heavier.

Best Head Light Squash Racket: Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation

If you’re not much of a ‘tricky’ squash player, and you’re aiming for power before anything else, then allow us to introduce your new favorite racket!

The Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation is a leading model amongst modern head heavy rackets, boasting an exceptionally heavy swing weight that will be a welcome break in a market that’s dominated by brands trying to engineer the lightest rackets they can.

If you’ve recently made the decision to switch to a head heavy racket, then we recommend approaching this model with a bit of caution. To get a decent performance out of this racket, you’ll need have a decent amount of wrist strength be good at keeping it up. This can take a little adjustment if you’re used to lighter models, but after that, your returns are sure to make things hard for your opponent!